Longarm Quilting Designs



Scroll through the patterns that are shown below.  Each pattern is an overall, or edge to edge, pattern.  We have a wide selection of overall designs and are always adding to our collection.

Pricing is based on the density of the pattern.  

Measure the quilt top length x width for a total square inch measurement

Edge-to-Edge Pricing


  1. Simple Designs: $2.45 square foot ($0.017 per square inch)
  2. Medium Designs: $3.02 square foot ($0.021 per square inch)
  3. Complex Designs: $4.61 square foot ($0.032 per square inch)

Custom or Heirloom Pricing


Custom Quilting: Starting at $0.04 per square inch.  Please contact me for a personalized quote. 


Custom quilting includes complex patterns, cross-hatching, stippling, echo quilting, background fills, custom block or border designs, feathers, stitch-in-the-ditch, or quarter-inch outlines.

Design Definitions

Simple Designs

Light, airy, open designs that are great for  for daily use quilts or children's quilts.  A single, simple edge to edge design.

Medium Designs

Designs that are smaller or a bit more more complex.

Complex Designs

Intricate or very complex edge to edge designs.  Design can become very dense